A Wicked Plan for a Cricket Fan

A cricket fan who will go to any lengths to keep his star player performing at peak. A chilling and twisted story of love, beauty, loss, possessiveness and the true horrors of sacrifice.

A psychological thriller set against the backdrop of one cricketer’s drive to find an ordinary life, and one fan’s obsession to ensure that he stays extraordinary.

A Wicked Plan for a Cricket Fan

ISBN : 978-81-8386-159-5

Publisher : Tara India Research Press

Publication Date : 27 August, 2020

A once in a generation cricketer has a secret

A once in a generation cricketer has a secret. He gets his batting tips from an enthusiastic fan who appears to know his game so well that all his strategies click perfectly.

But things take a chilling turn when the fan feels that the batsman's performance is slipping. How far is this fanatic willing to go to ensure that his hero retains his title as the world's greatest player?

A chilling and twisted story of love, beauty, loss, possessiveness, and the true horrors of sacrifice, 'A Wicked Plan for a Cricket Fan' is the first in a series of interconnected short stories by Adhirath Sethi.

What readers are saying

A quick read, utterly wicked & enjoyable, and not just for cricket fans
I love that as chilling as the conclusion is, this story feels so relevant to our times. This could actually happen! Especially in a country like India, with our more than fair share of crazed cricket fans. I found myself imagining our dashing young captain while reading the story.

One of the best books I have read so far!
"A thrilling story that moves so quickly! I Highly recommend this book, if you love cricket or crime story! Loved it!"

An enjoyable quick read which delivers with a wicked twist.
A fun thriller, that will entertain anyone but especially those that can relate to some of the cricket references and the aura of celebrity in India. It was nice to have some of my suspicions confirmed and still be surprised at the end. I feel there was one gap in the plot that would have been nice to fill but to avoid spoiling the suspense I am going to skip discussing it. Having read all the author's previous books I enjoyed slipping into the language and style that I think runs through all his writing.
I am hoping that this is the first of many future shorts that I hope one day will be released as a collection. Reason being my only disappointment was not being able to start a new story after this one finished!

Quintessential Holiday Reading
I really enjoyed how each character in the book evolves as the story unfolds. The twist that Mridula faces was very surprising... I should not give away the plot! Must read for fiction lovers - it has humour, suspense, mystery and something for music lovers! - Ankur

Absolutely Bowled Over By The Book!
This delightfully short read is a little adventure in itself. While I do read a lot of books, this one in particular caught my attention from the word go, given the authors incredible narrative. 'A wicked plan for a cricket fan,' is a short story about a cricketer, Zohraab and the rollercoaster of emotions he goes through after he realises certain hard truths.
I have given it a 5 star rating specifically considering the way the author has described every scene in such detail that you as a reader vicariously live through the experience, like as if it were happening live, right in front of you.
A book is considered good when one can start visualizing what we are reading and the author has achieved just that with this short read.
There is a bone chilling scene towards the end of the story and I couldn't have guessed the outcome even if I tried. It left me with goosebumps. I can't say more here, lest I reveal the plot.
All in all a short, gripping read and definitely time well spent on it.
Cricket lovers or even otherwise, do pick this up, coz you will certainly enjoy this delightful read.