A Wicked Plan for a Cricket Fan

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A once in a generation cricketer has a secret

A once in a generation cricketer has a secret. He gets his batting tips from an enthusiastic fan who appears to know his game so well that all his strategies click perfectly.

But things take a chilling turn when the fan feels that the batsman's performance is slipping. How far is this fanatic willing to go to ensure that his hero retains his title as the world's greatest player?

A chilling and twisted story of love, beauty, loss, possessiveness, and the true horrors of sacrifice, 'A Wicked Plan for a Cricket Fan' is the first in a series of interconnected short stories by Adhirath Sethi.

Published in 2020.


Where The Hills Hide Their Secrets

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Scandals hidden in the hills seldom stay secret

Scandals have a way of slipping under the surface in the sleepy hill-station of Nalanoor. But when a local woman is murdered, Vishnu sets about on an investigation that could uncover some very prickly truths about a world that seems otherwise idyllic in every way.

Elsewhere, newlywed Mridula struggles with the horrors of uncovering her husband’s infidelity. Plain looking and unlettered, her journey from a meek girl to a woman bent on revenge at all costs leads her to the most chilling of conclusions.

All Mani wants is a good night’s sleep before his next shift at the hospital. But his neighbour’s singing keeps him up and Mani’s attempt to retaliate backfires comically. To make things worse, he gets embroiled with a local mob boss; an affiliation that pulls him further towards predicaments he would rather avoid.

The stories of Vishnu, Mridula and Mani weave around one another against the backdrop of a town still clinging to its British roots in a newly independent India. When the dust settles on their stories, the truths uncovered leave a profound mark on each of them.

Published in 2019.


The Debt Collector's Due

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Luck always finds a way to even out

There comes a day in every boy's life when he needs to sit down and decide what to do with the rest of it. But our layabout hero, Samay, slept through it, as he did most days growing up.

Waking up aged twenty-nine, he finds that he barely has any money left in the bank and the only job anyone is willing to give him is as a debt collector for small businesses. To top it all, he has had no luck with his college flame, Amrita. They were close friends once but are not even in touch any more.

His less-than-ordinary life takes a mad turn when he is mistaken by mob boss Pande for a hitman and given Rs 75 lakh as payment. Samay wants to take the money and flee the city, but he discovers that Amrita, now a journalist, is next on the hit list.

Published in 2015.